Oxlee Pharma is a start-up pharmaceutical company with a vision to introduce unique prescription and non-prescription products to the Canadian marketplace at affordable prices.

Its success thus far has been in the discovery of unique niche and mature products that have been accepted by the medical community. Although Oxlee primarily serves the General Practice market, it also distributes products that target Dermatology, Rheumatology, Gynecology, Urology and Nephrology markets.

Oxlee Pharma has established business relationships with global manufacturers that have resulted in exclusive contractual distribution rights to market sell and distribute products under the Oxlee Pharma label.

Some of its established suppliers include the following pharmaceutical companies:

  • Duvar Laboratories
  • Capsugel
  • GFR

Oxlee Pharma has acquired 14 mature products from a US company and licensed 4 unique products from 2 UK companies for distribution and sale in Canada.